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AirHours™ from Airput is an easy-to-use, productivity service that eliminates paper timesheets for field personnel in construction and other service related industries.  AirHours simplifies the entire timesheet process by allowing managers to use their Internet-enabled Nextel phone to collect employee timesheet information anytime, 24/7.

More importantly, AirHours allows managers to view labor costs as they are incurred, not a week or two later as with most existing paper based systems.  Instant access to this time-critical, labor cost information allows managers to react immediately to properly allocate labor resources and avoid cost overruns.

AirHours is available directly from Nextel Communications so ask your local Nextel representative to tell you how you can get AirHours service today.  If you have any questions email ( or call Airput directly 866-2AIRPUT.

Airput now announces the production release of AirHours version 2.0, Which includes these new features:

Hours Entry Screen
  Hours Entry allows web users to assign the time to a new project and phase using easy to use pull down menus.
MasterBuilder Interface Software
  Easily transfer employee, project and timesheet information between AirHours and MasterBuilder
Auto Add Project Feature
  Auto Add Project feature for Premium AirHours users allows uploaded projects to be automatically added to a users "My Project" list.
Overtime Report
  One report which will display timesheet information for the selected week by Employee by Project by Hours Type.

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